Bookkeeping Service

Many underestimate this area, however, having quality data that is accurate and up to date regarding your finances is essential to growing your business. You need to enter sales and purchase information accurate and on time, record where the cash is going, and have a full analysis of profitability. Products/Services profitability, Department Profitability, Individual Staff profitability etc. All of this can be determined from the bookkeeping function if maintained correctly.
There is technology out there for small companies providing what used to be reserved only for large companies. They bring visibility and automation to a bookkeeping platform.These tools streamline the process which means our services are priced very competitively and provide substantial value.
This service will be real time, meaning that your reconciliations will be made every week. A nice output of this is that you can have weekly management accounts. The idea is that all the quality bookkeeping is being done in real time which allows for the management accounts to be produced very frequently.

These services that we provide include:

  • Entering purchase invoices
  • Processing supplier payment runs
  • Reconciling all bank and credit cards
  • And controlling debtors (invoices owed to you)

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