Financial Director

Our FD role is very flexible, it can be tapped in and out of according to your requirements. Having this role within your business can increase the wealth of the business significantly, its value. The role is as follows:

Provide keen insights into how the business can make more money.

Translation of the finances into common terms.

Help determine how to set prices based on your unique situation,

Holding the business Accountable to its strategy/plan.

Calculating risks.

Helping identify waste within the business to reduce costs.

Improve flow of systems.

Improve flow of the Finance System.

Communicating objectives to different members of the team and how they form part of the plan.

Helping analyse profits.

Help the business identify its areas of highest profit and take advantage of them.

Raising finance and Investment.

Adding to the credibility of the management team (Having a Financial Director role on board, even if for only small but regular amounts of time, can significantly improve credibility in the eyes of the bank, customers and suppliers).

Bank relationships.

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