Managing payroll can be a huge burden, sucking your time. We have a clear pricing structure so that you understand exactly what you will pay for, with no surprises. We charge per employee.

We tend to always be more cost effective than an in-house individual, and you also have the peace of mind that its all in good hands. We make sure your information is accurate and on-time. We provide the following:

  • If you like we can setup individual logins for each of your staff so they can access their payslips etc. (saving you the time of administering)
  • Tell you exactly what to pay HMRC each month/quarter
  • Keep everything up to date with current legislation
  • Manage the company’s PAYE/NI affairs with HMRC on your behalf

All of this for a small monthly fee. You’ll also have the peace of mind that all of this will be linked to your Accounting software (Xero) and so you’ll have accurate full Profit and Loss information.

Real Time Information (RTI)

The introduction of Real Time Information (RTI) has meant Payroll has become a lot stricter, mistakes or slight late submissions can easily result in fines being issued by HMRC. If you have an internal person carrying out this work the employer is responsible.


Every employer now has responsibilities regarding workplace pensions , even if it is just reporting to them that no employees are to be included in a submission because they do not earn enough. Most employees in the UK are enrolled however and getting these responsibilities right (including communication with staff about their rights/options) is critical.

For all our client we manage the Pension provider for them, including adding/removing staff from it, calculations, submissions, and setting up & managing a system whereby the Pension provider’s submission figures are checked, agreed and paid automatically.

Payroll is becoming increasingly more complicated and of cause now includes Auto-enrolment requirements. Keeping compliant with HMRC is essential, knowing that this work is being maintained by a team of Accounting professionals gives ease of mind.

We can provide services where staff can have their own limited access to the payroll system to be able to request holidays and review current and historic payslips. This reduces the burden on the employer having to send emails back-and forth, and yet another thing less for you to manage.

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