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    Introducing quarterly or monthly management accountants will enable you to make smarter decisions and give your business the growth boost it needs.

    Welcome to Archimedia management accountants

    As a business owner, you may have heard the term “management accounts” and wondered exactly what this means or whether it’s something that would benefit your company.

    Management accounts are financial reports used internally within your business, shared with directors and management to ensure a clear understanding of your company’s financials. These reports may be produced every week, month or quarter, depending on your requirements and can improve your business strategy by helping you make informed decisions.

    Contact us today to find out how management accounting services can transform how you run your business.

    How management accounts can benefit your business

    Successful companies don’t run on instinct and guesswork. To grow your business, you must be in control of your finances and produce reports to keep track of how your business is performing.

    A set of management accounts allows you to analyse where the company is the most – and least – profitable. Regular performance analysis is essential to identify trends in sales and take advantage of expansion opportunities.

    So rather than relying on gut instinct, pivotal business decisions instantly become less risky. Through our business management accounting services, we’ll provide you with accurate, real-time data that’s easy to interpret, enabling you to make data-led decisions and gain peace of mind.

    • Make informed decisions based on real-time information
    • Accurately measure the performance of your business and determine profit drivers
    • Set targets and monitor progress
    • Reduce the amount of time and money spent on year-end accounting
    • Detect fraudulent activity within your business
    • Gain control over your cash flow
    • Management accounts may also be required by your board if you have one
    • Plan tax and dividend payments.

    Our management accounting services

    Management accounting can be tailored to your requirements, providing the precise information you need to make enhanced business decisions. This isn’t limited to financial data; it may include additional information such as hours worked or sales volume, and split by business department or product line.

    Our team of experienced management accountants will work closely with you to ensure we’re providing all the data you need in your management report, which may include some of the following:

    • Summary of accounts
    • Profit and loss account
    • Balance sheet – statement of financial position
    • Predicted future costs
    • Forecasts
    • Payables
    • Receivables
    • Budgets and targets
    • Sales data
    • Cash flow statements
    • Any other financial accounting reports you require
    • Key performance indicators (KPIs)
    • Segmented or departmental analysis
    • Shareholders loans transactions
    • Accruals and prepayments

    Whether you’re a small business or have multiple large businesses, it is essential that your decision-makers have management reports and financial information to inform their business strategy.

    Archimedia Accounts excel in management accounting and other cost-effective accounting services, such as tax, VAT and bookkeeping. Our professional yet friendly team can provide you with valuable advice and knowledge to ensure you have a clear picture of your company position at all times.

    Why you should choose Archimedia’s management accounting service

    Archimedia Accounts is a family-run accountancy firm with a wealth of experience, specialising in helping small businesses maximise their profits. We understand the ins and outs of running a small business and will use our expertise to help yours grow.

    Our FDs sit on the boards of businesses in various sectors and so can help shape your management figures into professional reporting that can be used by your management team.

    Taking up our Management Accounting package will give your business:

    • A dedicated bookkeeper, who is responsible for entering and reconciling your figures each week.
    • A dedicated Financial Controller, who will ensure your accounting software is up to date, and that your monthly or quarterly management accounts reports are correct. They will make sure any complicated Balance Sheet items are reconciled such as loans and share accounts, so that you don’t lose sight of who and what you owe in your monthly management accounts.
    • A Commercial Director, who will format your management accounts to help you run your business from a commercial perspective. This person will be an expert in scaling companies and will get to grips with your business strategy. Most accounting teams can prepare management accounts, but you need a team that is commercial so the advice and knowledge can help grow your business.
    • A dedicated tax advisor, who will quickly come to understand your business and advise you on your tax liabilities and how to make tax savings (both now and in the future).

    We’re also experts in real-time bookkeeping with the help of the latest cloud technology, so your financial data is consistently up to date. This allows you to review your finances with clarity, and puts you in a better position to strategise and make savvy business decisions.

    Our team of Nottingham Management Accountants specialise in business advisory services, which means that as well as providing all the data you need, we can participate in management meetings. We will help your team become more commercially focused and steer the company toward its goals, using real-time data to help you make decisions every step of the way.

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