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Archimedia Accounts are specialist Xero Bookkeepers. This page is for your to get a taste of what that entails. If you specifically want to know the benefits of Xero on your business then visit our Bookkeeping Software page. If you want to know about how Archimedia are different to most other Bookkeepers (and the benefits for you) then visit our Real-Time Bookkeeping page.

As a business owner, it’s essential to keep track of all your company’s finances. You must remember things like tax filings, payroll, ledgers, and a host of other standard business/finance issues in addition to ensuring customers are happy with your product. To get all the mentioned things on track, cloud (easily accessible) Bookkeeping software, such as Xero should be your ultimate choice. Such software supports you keep records to ensure your business runs smoothly.

Whether you have a professional bookkeeper or deal with your accounting tasks yourself, Bookkeeping with Xero will help lessen your burden.

Xero Bookkeeping

Xero is a cloud-based accounting system that means you can manage your company’s financial dealings anywhere across the world, where and whenever you need to. Xero includes a cashbook, auditing, debtors, vendors, cost payment, and monitoring as part of the full revenue package. Xero has access to all your bank accounts which means no extra work to get your bank transactions in. Xero is user-friendly software, you can use it on any computer or Mac with a web browser, even on your mobile which means you can run your business at your fingertips.

What does a fully automated bookkeeping system entail?

To get your system automated, the first step you need to do is to contact a consultant who can assist you in setting up and implementing a system. Then they must collaborate with you to comprehend, prepare, and form your company’s trajectory, which means putting words into numbers.

Xero bookkeeping software will not only optimise your accounts but will also serve as the backbone of your business.

A Xero bookkeeper will assist you in choosing and implementing any software application. Xero collaborates with a wide range of software applications (500) that share data (push and pull data), reducing accounting tasks and enhancing functionality.

The most common benefits of Xero Bookkeeping are:

You can access you data anywhere – this means you can send quotes/invoices to customers, see who still owes you money, and see where you are losing cash or profit at any time and anywhere.

It will grow with you – it is unlikely that you will outgrow Xero any time soon, companies up to £50m turnover use Xero and all its benefits.

Automation & business processes – check out the Xero ecosystem for all the benefits software linked to Xero can bring to your business & industry.

Support in the Cloud – as well as some support from Xero themselves, both you and your Xero Bookkeeper can access Xero at the same time, and look at the information at the same time.

Bookkeeping automation – with apps like Dext you can now easily send information to your Xero Bookkeeper. Check out Dext for how easy it is to use, you can also automate a lot of the invoice sending so your Xero Bookkeeper gets a lot of the invoices without you even lifting a finger.

The analytics of Xero Bookkeeping software:

Tools that work together with Xero to make sure your needs are satisfied: – Receipt Bank, for instance, collects photos of relevant documents and feeds those into Xero for you. – Crunchboards (Futrli) is a comprehensive forecasting and monitoring platform. It incorporates your Xero information to show your company’s overview picture. It provides you and the advisor with live, strong visual updates that display how your company is doing against Performance metrics and standards, monitoring it hourly.

Visit our Bookkeeping Software page for more on how to automate your business with Xero. This isn’t just for Accounting tasks but everything e.g. CRM, Sales, marketing, operations, general admin.

So what are you waiting for? If you really need help in your financial dealings and aim to improve your business then try working with Xero bookkeeping software and an Expert Advisor. You’ll definitely have a great experience with it and will be able to give more time to your business as it will automate tasks so you’ll have less to do yourself.

Xero Bookkeeper: Our Process

Working with our Xero Bookkeepers is hassle free.

Firstly we will make sure your Xero Bookkeeping system is set up properly, this involves discovering the easiest way for you to give us the information, usually this means getting you setup on Dext (don’t worry, we have clients who are terrible at technology but who love Dext!). We will also ensure your Bank Feeds are working properly so you don’t need to send us bank statements each month.

You will send us purchase invoices as and when you receive them with Dext.

You will create Sales Invoices in Xero.

We send you a list of Outstanding Invoices in Xero (don’t worry, we’ll know what’s missing).

We will complete your Payroll and VAT Returns, letting you know when you have something to pay, and giving payslips to staff.

We will reconcile the bank accounts and then give you your P&L report along with any other information you require.

Unlike a lot of Xero Bookkeepers, we give you insights into Cash and Profit, for example, which customers are taking long to pay or which products are making less profit than in the past.

Archimedia Accounts are a team of modern Bookkeepers, visit our main bookkeeping page for more.

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