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    Using your HMRC Online Business Tax Account

    This page is about the HMRC Online Business Account, what you can do with it, and how to use it. HMRC is in charge of raising a range of taxes from UK businesses, including VAT, PAYE, and Corporation Tax. HMRC provides a variety of resources to help individuals and companies handle as well as monitor their tax obligations. Providing online platforms, aided through suitable business tax software. You can easily use HMRC’s payment methods to pay for your different business taxes.

    What is the HMRC Business Tax Account?

    A business tax account is a web-based account that claims to consolidate all of your business taxes into one location. It has easy access to all the data, and by just logging in once to your HMRC business tax account you will be able to get a breakdown within seconds of your company’s tax status with the taxes you have applied. How does it work?

    The HMRC Business tax account is split into two domains. A top-level menu is for managing your account, reading safe communications, and requesting assistance. While the other area is to complete activities relating to payments and refunds. For that, you’ll need a company tax report (or home page).

    Your Business tax payments are made more convenient since you can manage all the taxes on one platform. Once you login the overview is provided which will give you entry to internet tax resources linked to the business tax ID number you used to sign up. It will provide you a tax card for each tax you’ve recorded within this ID.

    However, if the overview does not reflect any of the taxes you have registered for, it might be possible that you’re running another ID. If you end up in such a situation then all you need to do is, check the passwords that you have been using to log into the business’ taxes. Or else fill out a tax form using your business tax account.

    What can the HMRC Business Tax Account be used for?

    You will have to sit tight for up to ten days for an authentication pin to arrive in the mail before you can use the service. As soon as you get the confirmation mail, you’re good to go.

    The icon “Manage your account” provided on the top-level menu covers almost all the aspects that you might be concerned about. It can help you:

    • Adding or removing a payment, obligation, or scheme
    • Provide a team member with a tax duty or scheme to which they can appeal
    •  Authorise a tax agent to work on your behalf by adding, viewing, or changing their information
    • Adjust or display your account-sensitive information
    • Become notified of all the happenings digitally.

    Manage your HMRC account

    Moreover, if you need to add or remove any tax account it can easily be done from “manage your account”. If not then try locating ‘get online access to a tax, duty or scheme’ on the home page.

    While on the other hand, if you want to get rid of a tax duty then you can either “deregister” or just select the option “stop access”. By doing so information about this tax will no longer be visible in your company tax account. Don’t worry about your tax data, you’ll not lose it.  And if you don’t have the details in your business tax account, it will automatically be stored in the applicable tax scheme.

    Having access to this business tax account will make your taxation dealings much easier. By using your tax cards you can easily check your tax situation. E.g., “when you need to file a return” can tell you if you’ve overpaid tax and more about your payment and return details.

    If you wish to know about more taxes then you can also view:

    • payments you’ve received
    • interest on all late payments
    • previous year’s tax calculations
    • repayments owed to you by HMRC
    • direct debit payment plan
    • late business tax payment or late filing fees
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