How to use Receipt Bank (now Dext)

how to use dext receipt bank
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    Our professional team of accountants in Nottingham use the cloud accounting application Dext (previously known as Receipt Bank) to collect invoices from our clients. This intuitive tool is simple to use and works by capturing, securely storing and keeping track of your important financial documents.

    Here, we’ll show you how to use Dext to get your documents to us and let you know how you can get set up as a user if you haven’t used Dext accounting tools before.

    What is Dext?

    Dext is by far our best method for invoice collection. No longer do you have to bring invoices to your bookkeeper, spend time scanning files or keep them saved on your computer. This efficient receipt-capture system can save hours on paperwork, giving you more time to focus on the day-to-day running of your business.

    For more information about our full bookkeeping process and details of what we need from you each month, visit our Bookkeeping Process page.

    Why is Dext so easy?

    We recommend the Dext receipt bank to our clients because it’s incredibly easy to use and can be accessed from both your mobile phone and computer. There are three simple ways to get invoices to us with Dext:

    • Take a picture of an invoice with the app.
    • Forward invoice emails.
    • Manually upload invoices using your login.
    • How To Get Set Up Using Dext

    Not all accountants use Dext. If this invoice-collection tool is new to you, we’ll help you get set up. All new users will be sent an email invite by us, giving them access to their new Dext account. Simply click the link in the email and choose your own password to get started.

    We’ll send a text message to you that gives you a link to download the app onto your phone. Then use your login details to gain access. All you have to do is start taking pictures of your invoices, and they’ll come straight to us.

    We will also provide you with your own personal Dext email address. By forwarding invoices to this address, they will come directly to us as well.

    If you would like further details, please see below for more in-depth instructions on how to use Dext.

    How to use Dext

    As mentioned above, there are three ways to send invoices to us using Dext Prepare With Receipt Bank. Here are some further details about each.

    Use the app

    Dext’s mobile phone app is great for dealing with invoices and receipts on the go, or for sending on physical invoices received in the post. If you have multiple businesses, use this short guide on how to access multiple accounts on your app.

    Email Forwarding

    These days, most invoices come straight to your email inbox. Whether the invoice is in the body of the email or provided as an attachment, simply forward the email to your Dext email address and we’ll take care of it from there. Once you’ve forwarded the invoice, you can delete the original email.

    We recommend saving your Dext email address as a contact called “Finances+[business name]”, so that every time you start typing “Finances”, it’ll pop up ready for you to select.

    Manual upload

    If you’ve got an invoice on your computer that you’d like to send to us, you can use Dext’s manual upload service. Simply log in to Dext, select “add documents” and drag and drop the relevant invoice or receipt.

    That’s it! Send us all your invoices using one of these simple methods and we’ll do the rest. We will know if there are any missing invoices because we reconcile the bank, so we will always let you know what’s missing.

    Sales invoices through Dext

    We always recommend using Xero to enter sales invoices, but if you use other sales invoice software and want to send us invoices through Dext, you can. Watch this video to find out how:

    At Archimedia Accounts, we use the latest technology, like Dext Prepare With Receipt Bank, to make bookkeeping more simple and efficient for our clients.

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