Accountants in Nottingham

Welcome to Archimedia Accounts - certified professional Accountants in Nottingham. We offer tailored accountancy and tax advisory services to small businesses and limited companies.
Accountants in Nottingham
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    Welcome to Archimedia Accounts

    Unlock the potential of your business with Archimedia Accounts, trusted accountants in Nottingham. Our expert team offers reliable and tailored accountancy services to support small and medium-sized businesses. Our aim is to help your business prosper and provide valuable peace of mind.

    Contact us today for professional accounting support and guidance. Areas our accountants in Nottingham serve: Mansfield, Beeston, Carlton, Sutton-In-Ashfield, West Bridgford, Worksop, Arnold, Newark-on-Trent, Hucknall, Ashfield, Clifton, Retford, Mansfield, Eastwood, Stapleford, Kimberley, Ollerton, Bingham, Market Warsop, Bircotes, Rainworth, Radcliffe-on-Trent, Cotgrave, Ruddington and across Nottinghamshire.

    Professional Certified Accounting Firm in Nottingham

    Welcome to Archimedia Accounts, a family-run, certified team of accountants in Nottingham. We have a no-nonsense, plain-speaking approach that our clients in Nottingham really appreciate. They know that everything we do is in their very best interests, to give them complete financial control and help achieve their business goals.

    We provide a full range of accountancy services, including accounts preparation to tax services, and we like to think that our work is a cut above the rest. As a commercially focused, innovative and dynamic team, we will work hard on your behalf to help boost your profit and personal wealth.

    To us, relationships and communication are key. We’re not afraid to pick up the phone, and we pride ourselves on responding quickly to calls and emails. We have a great deal of respect for our clients, and you can be sure of our attentive service.

    To find out more about our services and to request a FREE business and tax review, please complete our contact form, and we will be in touch.

    Who our Accountants work with in Nottingham:

    We work with all sorts of owner-managed businesses in Nottingham, including sole traders, limited companies, start-ups and partnerships. No matter what stage of your business journey, we can provide valuable support to help you manage your finances and maximise your profitability.

    Accountants for Small Businesses

    As Nottingham business owners, we understand the financial challenges that small and medium-sized businesses face. Just as importantly, we understand their financial opportunities. We’re here to provide valuable accounting support to help your business grow and ease the pressure on you as an owner-manager.

    Accountants for Sole traders

    We have the greatest respect for entrepreneurs that decide to go it alone. As a sole trader in Nottingham, we can help ease your path to success by taking on time-consuming accountancy tasks and acting as your trusted business advisor.

    Accountants for Limited Companies

    We can help you navigate the pros and cons of becoming a limited company and help you with registration. We provide a full range of accountancy services to Limited Companies in Nottingham, including tax, payroll and management accounting.

    Accountants for Startups

    Nottingham boasts a diverse economy and is renowned for its thriving creative and technology sectors. We can give your startup business the best start in life with professional consultancy and accounting services and provide support as your business grows.

    Accountants for Partnerships

    As a business partnership, it’s important to understand your legal obligations and clearly define each partner’s roles and responsibilities. We can help you decide if a partnership is the right business structure for you and ensure you fulfil your obligations to HMRC.

    Accountants for Landlords

    As a landlord, it’s important to understand your tax position to ensure you meet your obligations and save as much tax as possible. As successful landlords ourselves, we are uniquely placed to help Nottingham landlords make the most profitable decisions.

    Our Accounting Services in Nottingham

    Our dedicated and friendly team deliver a wide range of professional accountancy services which can be tailored to your needs. We understand that time spent on accounts admin is valuable time you could be spending running and developing your business. Contact us today to discuss your requirements and to find out how we can ease your accounting burden.

    Digital Bookkeeping

    Good bookkeeping is the backbone of accountancy – without it, your finances can quickly get out of control. We can transform your bookkeeping process using the latest cloud and digital accounting technology like Xero.

    Payroll and Pension

    Managing payroll can be a considerable burden for even a handful of staff. We will take on the process to ensure your employees are paid accurately and efficiently, keeping you compliant and freeing up valuable time.

    Personal Tax Planning

    Understanding your tax position is key to maximising your personal wealth. We are personal tax experts and can help you navigate this complex area, help with your annual tax returns and make valuable savings.

    Corporation Tax Services

    We will ensure you fulfil your tax obligations with HMRC – that’s a given. We go the extra mile to help you to find valuable tax savings. We’ll leave no stone unturned to help ensure you keep as much profit as possible.

    Accounts Preparation

    If you dread year-end accounting, allow us to help. We will oversee all of the necessary documents, including your balance sheet, Corporation Tax return, and profit and loss account.

    Company Secretarial

    The administration that comes with registering as a Limited Company can be very time-consuming. If you choose our company secretarial services, we will help keep your records with Companies House up-to-date and complete the necessary annual returns to ensure you remain compliant.

    Compliance Services

    We have extensive experience in tax legislation, and you can rely on us to keep your business compliant and avoid any pitfalls. We’ll prepare your accounts meticulously and in accordance with the Companies Act, accounting standards and UK tax law.

    Management Accounts

    Regular management accounts are essential for ambitious, growing businesses. We have a dedicated team to provide commercially focused management accounts. Our business advisers will help you analyse your financial data to make smarter business decisions.

    Business Planning

    Your business structure requires careful consideration, and each one has its own pros, cons and tax implications. We will help you to identify the most efficient structure for your business.

    Directions to our office in Nottingham Science Park

    From the centre of Nottingham, head west on Maid Marian Way/A6008 toward Friar Lane. Continue straight onto Maid Marian Way and take a slight left onto Derby Road/A610. Follow the A610 for approximately 1.5 miles, and then turn right onto Triumph Road.

    Continue straight onto the Nottingham Science & Technology Park. Take the second exit at the roundabout onto Edison Village. Archimedia Accounts will be located on the right at 6 Edison Village, Nottingham, NG7 2RF.

    Archimedia Accounts
    6 Edison Village
    Nottingham Science & Technology Park
    NG7 2RF

    Watch our video for directions to the local office!

    We make it easy to switch Archimedia Accountants

    Do you feel that your current accountant is doing enough for you? Do they go beyond basic accounting to actively save you money? Are they helping you to grow your business? If you are unsure, perhaps it is time to move on.

    You may think that switching accountants is a hassle, but that needn’t be the case. It only takes a few minutes and could dramatically alter your future success. We will send you a few letters in the post, which you simply pass on to us. We will liaise with your previous accountants to get any additional details and information we might need. Simple.

    That’s all it takes to switch to a more progressive, proactive accountancy firm that cares about your business and will help you to succeed. Take a look at our reviews from clients already enjoying our services.

    FREE tax reviews for businesses in Nottingham

    Can you be sure that you are taking advantage of every tax relief available to you? If not, you may be losing out on thousands of pounds in tax and other savings every year.

    A lot of accounting firms perform tax audits ‘by numbers’, using a standardised checklist. We take a more agile and up-to-date approach, using the latest cloud accounting digital software to get real-time analysis of your finances.

    We’re so confident in finding ways to save you money we will offer you a guarantee.

    We’re giving a FREE tax review to potential new clients for a limited time — a service we offer as standard to our clients each year. We will provide a report highlighting specific opportunities for your business, allowing you to make an informed decision about the future of your finances.

    Fill in our contact form to request your FREE 30-minute tax review session. You are under no obligation at all and you are welcome to share the results with your current accountant if you wish.

    Visit our Google website page.

    About Nottingham

    Located in the heart of Nottinghamshire, England, is the vibrant city of Nottingham. It has a rich history, well known for its famous association with the legendary outlaw Robin Hood. Nestled on the River Trent, Nottingham boasts a picturesque setting and a variety of landmarks and attractions.

    With a history dating back to Roman times, Nottingham has seen significant developments over the centuries. It has always been an industrious city. For example, it was a major centre of lace and textile production during the Industrial Revolution. Today, the city boasts a diverse economy and is renowned for its thriving creative and technology sectors.

    Nottingham is home to numerous cultural and historical sites. Nottingham Castle, perched on a sandstone bluff, offers panoramic views of the city and houses a museum and art gallery. The Lace Market area showcases the city’s industrial heritage, with beautifully preserved buildings and a vibrant atmosphere. The City of Caves, located beneath the streets, provides a unique glimpse into Nottingham’s underground history.

    Nottingham’s city centre offers a mix of high-street brands and independent shops, and the Victoria Centre provides a modern shopping experience. The city has a vibrant nighttime scene, with a range of bars, restaurants, and entertainment venues.

    Nature lovers can explore the expansive green spaces of Nottingham, including the picturesque Wollaton Park with its historic hall and wildlife. The Nottingham Arboretum, one of the oldest public parks in the country, offers a tranquil escape from the bustling city centre.

    Nottingham combines historical charm with a contemporary vibe, making it a much-loved city for residents and visitors. Whether you’re interested in history, culture, or shopping, Nottingham has something to offer everyone which is why we love being based here.

    Nottingham Council House - city hall of Nottingham, England

    Check out our accountants in Beeston here.

    The main reason is to help you save the most tax possible. Archimedia Accounts achieve this for its customers by taking them through a full tax planning process which is not done by 99.99% of other firms!

    We can help you setup Cloud Accounting and save tax. We can also help businesses get loans, raise investment, and help with business development activities like business plans.

    Most firms charge between £50-£1k per month depending on the service and level of support.

    Not all firms are made equal. Not many are true Cloud Accounting experts, not all get back to you rapidly, not all can truly help you improve your business, and certainly not all bring you the tax saving opportunities your business is entitled to.

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