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    If you are new to Making Tax Digital and don’t know where to start, Archimedia Accounts has a reliable team of tax experts who can help. We make your tax affairs easier to manage, saving you time and money.

    Archimedia – Making Tax Digital Accountants

    At Archimedia Accounts, we are local tax and accounting experts with over 30 years of experience helping clients manage their taxes and grow their businesses.

    Whether you’re a small business owner getting used to the Making Tax Digital rules, a larger enterprise struggling to manage your tax obligations or a self-employed individual who is just curious, our team are more than happy to guide you.

    Get in touch today to learn more about our Making Tax Digital accountancy services.

    What is Making Tax Digital (MTD) in accounting?

    Making Tax Digital is a modern HMRC initiative that forms an integral part of the UK tax system. It aims to make tax simpler and reduce the tax gap by requiring businesses, sole traders, and landlords to manage their taxes digitally. This includes keeping digital records and using MTD-compliant software.

    Who must comply with MTD?

    Making Tax Digital has been rolled out in various phases since April 2019. It is currently only being implemented for VAT-registered businesses but will soon expand to Income Tax and even has future plans for Corporation Tax.

    You must register your business for VAT and comply with HMRC’s Making Tax Digital as soon as your business earns more than the VAT threshold of £85,000. However, if your business is VAT registered, then HMRC will automatically sign you up for Making Tax Digital for VAT.

    Wondering whether you need to comply with MTD? Archimedia Accounts are here to keep your business up-to-date with the latest changes to MTD rules, keeping you informed and compliant.

    What are your MTD duties?

    While you should aim to stay informed on future MTD plans and phases, currently, VAT is the only tax you need to submit through Making Tax Digital.

    MTD for VAT

    If your business is VAT-registered and qualifies for Making Tax Digital, then you must make sure to:

    • use MTD-compatible software;
    • keep digital records;
    • submit quarterly updates.

    It is fairly straightforward, and with our help, you will rarely have to think about it.

    MTD for Income Tax (ITSA)

    As of April 2026, Making Tax Digital will come into play for sole traders and landlords with a gross income above £50,000. The threshold drops to £30,000 in 2027.

    To comply with the new digital tax rules for Income Tax, you must:

    • use MTD-compatible software;
    • keep digital records of all business transactions;
    • submit quarterly updates to HMRC instead of the usual annual Self-Assessment tax return.

    This may sound like a lot, but you can benefit from consistent finance updates and potentially pay fewer fines by keeping on top of your taxes.

    Our Making Tax Digital accounting services

    As your dedicated accountants for Making Tax Digital, Archimedia Accounts can transform the challenges of MTD into an opportunity for growth. Our comprehensive range of accounting services will save you time and money and, ultimately, keep your business MTD compliant.

    Xero cloud accounting for MTD

    With new technology rising daily, we are here to act as your accounting encyclopedia, keeping you updated on the latest software and best practices. We are proud Xero cloud accounting experts and are best placed to help you tailor it to meet your financial goals.

    By automating digital record keeping and seamlessly integrating with HMRC, allowing for easy tax return submissions, our Xero services ensure you adhere to your MTD duties.

    Plus, if you’re not currently using online accounting software, we have smart bridging software products that can help you stay MTD compliant.

    Digital tax returns

    If you are used to a paper-based accounting system, we understand it can be difficult to take a new digital approach. This is why our service exists.

    Our experienced tax accountants will ensure you are integrated with swift and reliable software, helping you understand how to use it and how to access your financial data whenever you need it. We’ll ensure you can maintain accurate records, automate tax calculations and easily and directly submit tax returns to HMRC.

    By taking a new digital approach to accounting, you’ll benefit from minimal errors and penalties, giving you more peace of mind.

    MTD tax advisory

    We’re helping businesses navigate Making Tax Digital and utilise its benefits by offering strategic tax advisory and planning services. With our tax expertise and thorough understanding of MTD, we’ll ensure you are using cloud accounting software to streamline your processes and meet every HMRC demand. We’ll carry out regular tax planning sessions to implement innovative tax-saving strategies.

    Our continued advice and support will ensure minimal risk and maximum reward, allowing you to focus on confidently driving your business in the right direction.

    Looking to simplify your tax responsibilities? Contact Archimedia Accounts today

    Business owners often struggle to take on the added responsibility of managing the company finances alongside running their business and having a personal life – especially when HMRC constantly update tax rules.

    But it doesn’t always have to be that way.

    Working with our experienced team of tax specialists will put you in the best financial position, giving you more time and money to focus on other business priorities.

    At Archimedia Accounts, we focus on business growth as a whole and consider you, the business owner, as well as your business. We offer a comprehensive range of tax and accounting services that go beyond keeping your accounts compliant. We actively look for ways to save your business money by conducting regular tax reviews.

    Contact us today to arrange a FREE consultation and get friendly tax advice from industry experts.

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