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    As your limited company accountant, Archimedia Accounts will not only keep you compliant; we will actively seek to make your business more profitable.

    Welcome to Archimedia Accounts, your limited company accountants

    Archimedia Accounts is a family-owned firm of accountants based in Nottingham. We support many limited companies in the area to help manage their accounts more efficiently, save time and become more profitable.

    Our dedicated team consists of specialists in different areas of limited company accounting, such as bookkeeping, tax planning, and management accountancy. Together, we will work to save your business money and grow your personal wealth.

    Please get in touch by completing our contact form, and one of the team will soon be in touch.

    What is a limited company accountant?

    Limited companies have certain obligations which they must fulfil each year, including:

    • Company secretarial work, such as confirmation statements and reports
    • Filing accounts with Companies House and HMRC
    • Corporation Tax returns and notes to HMRC

    A limited company accountant will ensure all your compliance requirements and legal responsibilities to HMRC and Companies House are dealt with in an efficient and timely manner to avoid any penalties.

    A limited company accountant can also work with you on tax planning strategies to ensure you save as much Corporation Tax as possible through claiming tax reliefs and business expenses. We can also provide guidance on how you can pay less personal tax to help you secure your family’s future.

    Does a limited company need an accountant?

    There is no legal obligation to hire a limited company accountant, and you could choose to manage your accounts in-house. However, due to the complexities involved, it may turn out to be a false economy. If you decide to go it alone, you are susceptible to penalties and may miss out on valuable tax savings.

    Our limited company accountants will keep you compliant with HMRC and Companies House and conduct thorough tax reviews to save your business as much money as possible. We will also ensure you draw money from your company in a way that saves more of your personal tax.

    In our eyes, an accountant should save you at least twice as much in tax as they charge!

    To find out more about our cost-effective services, please get in touch.

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    Our limited company accountancy services

    As your own dedicated accountant, Archimedia can provide a comprehensive range of services to meet your accounting needs and help your limited company thrive.


    Limited company bookkeeping is a legal requirement and essential to successful business management. With the help of our professional bookkeepers, you can maintain a good understanding of your finances at all times and be fully prepared come year-end.

    Cloud accounting software

    Archimedia Accounts is proud to be a certified Xero accountant, and we are experts when it comes to this game-changing online accounting software. It is accessible on any device and completely live, providing an accurate view of your finances at any given time.

    Management accounts

    Every limited company can benefit from regular management accounts to track income and expenditures, avoid financial pitfalls, and guide important commercial decisions. Archimedia can provide monthly or quarterly insights based on your company’s needs.

    Annual accounts preparation

    We will ensure your statutory accounts comply with UK accounting standards (i.e., the laws that govern limited company accounts). We’ll also ensure that all necessary attachments and reports, such as a confirmation statement, are included before submitting them to the relevant governing body.

    Corporation Tax and personal tax services

    Archimedia can provide expert financial advice on Corporation Tax and company director personal tax. We provide regular tax planning advice and identify relevant tax reliefs and business expenses so that you pay the right amount of tax each time.


    Your company will be more successful with a contented, motivated team, so paying your employees on time is essential. Payroll is a detailed and time-consuming task, which is why many limited companies outsource their payroll function to an expert like Archimedia.

    Get in touch with Archimedia Accounts today!

    When it comes to limited company accounting services, you couldn’t ask for a more dedicated partner than Archimedia Accounts. Our family accountancy firm has an impressive amount of combined experience. We will provide you with all the support you need to grow your business and secure your finances effectively for many years to come.

    Whether you have a new business or a larger, more established firm, find out how we can save you money as your dedicated accountant. Fill out our contact form or call us today for a FREE consultation.

    We take great pride in helping limited companies grow. Read our reviews to see what our customers think about our accountancy services.

    Frequently asked questions about our limited company accounting service

    How much is an accountant for a limited company?

    The cost of hiring an accountant for a limited company will vary depending on the size of your business, the complexity of your needs and the level of work you require. At Archimedia, our dedicated limited company accountants aim to save you money and help your business become more profitable. 

    Speak to us today to discuss our limited company accounting services and custom prices in more detail.

    Why become a limited company?

    For most small businesses, there are many advantages to registering as a limited company. Perhaps the most compelling reason is that it can be a more tax-efficient business structure. It also has more perceived prestige than self-employed status, which could open more doors.

    There are also significant benefits for company directors, including personal tax savings and flexibility in how they pay themselves.

    A limited company structure also means you have limited liability status. You effectively become a separate legal entity from the business and share no financial obligation. This is as opposed to a sole trader, who has personal responsibility for the company’s debts and legal issues.

    Who can sign off limited company accounts?

    Typically, annual accounts for limited companies must be approved by the board of directors. While you don’t need an accountant or regulatory body to sign off the company accounts, having the support of your own dedicated accountant can ensure speed and efficiency during the process.

    How much tax will I pay as a limited company?

    The amount of tax you pay will depend on how much profit your business makes and whether you use all allowable expenses and tax reliefs available to you. Once you have calculated your tax liability, you’ll need to file a company tax return to notify HMRC of what you owe.

    Our accountants for limited companies can help you optimise your taxes to ensure you pay no more than you owe, keeping you tax-efficient and compliant.

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