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    Having a good property accountant is essential for your business, but how do you pick a property accountant that’s right for you, and what are the different accounting packages you get as part of having a property accountant?

    Welcome to Archimedia Accounts, property tax specialists

    At Archimedia Accounts, we are experienced property entrepreneurs as well as expert property accountants. We understand the niche and complexities of property tax in great depth, so you can be confident we know what we’re talking about.

    With a strong background in tax advice and an impressive portfolio spanning both commercial and residential properties, our Directors, Barbara and Chris, bring unparalleled insights to the table. Make use of their 30 years of industry knowledge to make your property investments worthwhile. We’ll help you understand complex tax implications and maximise profits.

    We have extensive experience helping property investors grow their portfolios and make substantial savings by being as tax efficient as possible. Working with us, you will be able to gain ongoing support from our passionate property accountants and make greater tax savings – not only now but in the future.

    Please get in touch to find out how we can help you as your dedicated property accountants.

    What is a property accountant?

    Property accountants provide various tax and accounting services to landlords, real estate investors and property-based businesses. Working with a reputable accountancy firm that specialises in the property sector will ensure your property business is compliant, financially up-to-date and saves as much tax as legally possible.

    At Archimedia, we know a lot about the business side of real estate, being avid investors ourselves. So we understand what is needed to build a large portfolio of commercial and residential properties and, make your property business a growing success.

    How does property accounting work?

    Ultimately, property accounting works by ensuring that you are compliant with Government authorities and making better tax savings. There are many ways that tax and accounting services can help your business.

    Limited company

    If you are a limited company, we’ll help you ensure that accounts are submitted to Companies House every year, along with an annual confirmation statement, make relevant updates to the share structure and company changes, and ensure full accounts and company tax returns are submitted to HMRC every year. We’ll also ensure the accounts are made according to accounting standards.

    Sole trader

    If you are a sole trader or a partnership, our property accounting services are about helping you stay compliant with HMRC by taking financial information and putting it in the correct places on the tax returns.

    We’ll also support you with bookkeeping, ensuring all the information regarding your property business transactions is reported correctly and according to accounting standards.

    Compliance also spans running a payroll scheme if you have employees or if you or your family members will save tax by doing so. Running the payroll scheme ensures you comply with PAYE and NI regulations. It also ensures you are aware of all the various tax regulations that you may need to comply with. For example, VAT can apply to property businesses in specific scenarios.

    As your property accountants, we’ll ensure you have up-to-date information on your various properties so you know how much each property is making.

    Tax planning

    We are also extremely keen to help you with tax planning. This means saving as much tax as legally possible now and in the future.

    Tax law is vast, and with firsthand knowledge of the property sector, we will be able to work alongside you to fully understand your property business and your family’s personal situation. Then we can begin to holistically save you as much tax as legally possible – structuring your finances for future tax savings. Making us aware of your 3, 5, and even 10-year plans may help you save tens of thousands of pounds in tax in the future.

    Types of property we work with

    Accountants for buy-to-let

    Many of our clients have buy-to-let property businesses, so providing services to these customers is something we do regularly. We can help you comply, save tax, and increase your buy-to-let property portfolio with our 30+ years of experience in the property sector. Our Co-Director, Barbara, has an impressive property investment portfolio, mainly built up of buy-to-lets, so we are expertly placed to help you with all aspects of buy-to-let.

    Accountants for commercial properties

    Barbara Demetriou’s property portfolio consists of many commercial properties with residential flats upstairs, so we have a phenomenal amount of experience working with commercial property businesses. With our outstanding experience working with commercial property businesses, we know what is needed to maximise profits, stay compliant and safeguard the financial success of your commercial property investments.

    Accountants for Airbnb and holiday lets

    There are various rules for Airbnb and holiday let businesses and different tax savings that apply to those particular businesses. At Archimedia Accounts, we take our experience working with Airbnb and holiday let customers and help you save as much tax as legally possible while remaining compliant. We’ll ensure that your business finances make sense and that you make the correct financial decisions to grow your serviced accommodation portfolio.

    Our accounting services for property businesses

    At Archimedia Accounts, we pride ourselves on our accounting services for property businesses. We provide all compliance services, including sole trader and partnership tax returns, limited company accounts and tax returns, payroll, VAT, and CIS.

    With an extensive history in property investment and a successful property portfolio spanning 30+ years, our owners, Barbara and Chris, have the proven experience to back our trusted service. Our property business clients like what we have to offer and benefit because of it.

    Our property tax advice service

    As experienced UK property accountants with over 30 years of experience in the industry, we’ll help you navigate the complexities of various aspects of property tax, including stamp duty land tax, income tax and capital gains tax.

    Every three months, our Co-Director, Barbara, has a tax planning meeting with each client to ensure that every property business we serve benefits from her personal tax advisory experience and the 30+ years in building her own property portfolio.

    Barbara helps clients develop their property portfolios to make the best financial decisions and grow them further, just as she does for her own property business.

    As part of a fixed monthly fee, each client can call whenever they need to ensure they are getting the right tax advice. We always encourage every client to contact us before making any significant financial decision or if they ever need anything clarified.

    Why choose Archimedia as your property tax accountant and advisor?

    We take time to understand your unique circumstances and utilise our strong background with our own properties to ensure your property business works in the most tax-efficient way possible.

    We have the added advantage of being property owners as well as accountants, so we really are property tax specialists. Whether you’re a buy-to-let landlord looking to make better tax savings, or an investor looking to grow your portfolio, you can benefit from our firsthand knowledge and achieve greater financial success.

    Contact us today to find out more about what our property accountants can do for you.

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