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small business accountants
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    Archimedia Accounts is a firm of small business accountants serving clients throughout Nottingham and the surrounding areas. We understand the challenges faced by small business owners – and the opportunities.

    Welcome to Archimedia Small Business Tax Accountants, based in Nottingham

    Small and medium businesses are essential to the community and both the local and national economies. In our view, sole traders, partnerships and limited company owners deserve the very best support and service when it comes to managing their finances. That is why we put our heart and soul into providing quality accounting services for small businesses.

    No matter how small a business is, it has similar legal obligations to fulfil in the same way larger businesses have and can, therefore, benefit from investing in a professional accountant.

    While it may seem difficult to justify the cost at first, there are undoubtedly cost savings to be made in the long run. More than that, great accountants can actually increase your profit and your family’s personal wealth!

    Here is a rundown of why it makes sense to hire small business accountants and what services they can provide to transform the way you do business. For a FREE consultation, please contact the team at Archimedia Accounts, and we will be in touch as soon as possible.

    Watch our introduction video to small business accounting, and contact us for more friendly advice!

    Why do small businesses need an accountant?

    There are so many benefits to using a professional accountant at any stage of your small business journey. Here are just a few.


    If you currently manage your bookkeeping, invoicing, tax returns, and expenses single-handedly, just think of the time you can save if you hire an accountant! That’s time you can spend improving and growing your business.


    Another reason to invest in accounting services is to avoid getting on the wrong side of HMRC and Companies House. The reporting requirements for small businesses are actually just as stringent as larger businesses, and the tax and accounting compliance requirements are very similar. The difference is that a small business is more likely to feel the hit if they incur a penalty for non-compliance.

    Cost saving

    The benefits of small business accounting services far outweigh the costs, whether you’re a limited company or a sole trader.

    Tax efficiency is key to maximising a small business’s profit. An accountant has in-depth knowledge of the tax system and can help you to take advantage of any reliefs you may be entitled to. They could save you a lot of tax – in our experience, around double the cost of small business accountancy services.

    Our small business accounting services in Nottingham

    Archimedia Accounts provides a comprehensive range of small business accountancy services to both sole traders and limited companies. These include tax returns, VAT returns, bookkeeping and annual accounts.

    As your dedicated small business accountants, we will:

    • Help you implement cloud-based software to streamline and automate your processes
    • Conduct regular tax reviews to ensure you’re prepared for your tax bill and not paying too much
    • Always be accessible and keep you 100% updated
    • Welcome questions and answer and any queries you have as quickly and as simply as possible
    • Provide complete transparency on our pricing and fixed fees with no hidden costs

    Our client managers, are not only skilled accountants; they are also tax experts and entrepreneurs. We understand your business finances and your accounting needs, can save you tax and have your back every step of the way.

    Can you say that your current accountant offers the same? If not, then don’t hesitate to get in touch. We make it easy to switch accountants with little action required on your part.

    Why work with Archimedia Accountants in Nottingham?

    We are an ambitious, family-run business providing services for small businesses throughout Nottingham. Our accountancy services are comprehensive, and we can tailor a package to fulfil your particular business stage and needs.

    That includes cloud accountancy services, bookkeeping, tax returns and payroll. Your dedicated client manager will be on hand to answer your every accounting question and provide fast and friendly support.

    As your dedicated accountant, our team can also provide advice on how to invest your money to grow your personal wealth. Our owners (Barbara and Chris) are entrepreneurs and managers of a large property portfolio and can provide advice on how to achieve passive income and make the most of capital gains.

    Get in touch with us today!

    Reach out to us at Archimedia Accounts today for your FREE 20min Discovery Call to see how much tax we can save your small business.

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    At what point does a small business need an accountant?

    It’s always best to have the advice of a small business accountant as soon as you register your business to ensure that you are keeping your records correctly, meeting your legal obligations and not paying too much tax.

    When seeking an accountant, be sure to find one that is an expert in serving both sole traders and limited companies so that they can adapt their services as your company evolves. They can help you to register as a limited company with Companies House and ensure you remain compliant with your new legal responsibilities.

    Is it worth getting an accountant for a small business?

    A lot of businesses fail because of cash flow issues rather than a lack of profitability. Accountants can help keep your cash flowing to avoid going into the red.

    A good accountant can also help you to identify cost savings and tax efficiencies to help grow your profit margin and reinvest into your business. A great accountant, like Archimedia, will also prioritise growing your own wealth, so you can achieve your personal as well as business goals.

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