Meet Chris Demetriou

Accountant & Head of Business Advisory
Chris Demetriou - Accountant

Role within Archimedia Accounts

When it comes to technology and business procedures, this is where I excel. Whilst my mum is an excellent, down-to-earth, caring accountant and tax advisor who always goes the extra mile, I bring progressive solutions to our client’s professional processes. Together, we make a formidable team.

My expertise in ensuring that local clients were aware of our services has been instrumental in shaping Archimedia Accounts into what it is today! I’m also an expert at helping clients improve their procedures, managing their money and making more profit.

I regularly sit down with clients to help them understand their cash flow and profit positions as well as strategising for their future. In essence, I act as a Financial Director for our clients, delving into their long-term objectives and suggesting how their business needs to be structured in order to achieve them.

Whether it is systems-related, sales, marketing or team dynamics, having helped to build my own business, small business owners are both surprised and relieved when they discover that we provide assistance in all these areas, making their journey to success more manageable.

Industry Experience and Qualifications

I have been an accountant since 2013. Following my education at Aston University in Birmingham, renowned for its business programs, I embarked on my professional career. I decided to work at my mum’s esteemed accountancy practice (Archimedia Accounts), then based in Nottingham City Centre, where I became AAT Qualified in 2015.

The thing I love most about being an accountant is the opportunity to work closely with small businesses. In fact, my fascination with the world of business started at the age of 12, when I found myself engrossed in property magazines! My parents had a property portfolio and ran small businesses, and my mum was an ACCA, so I was exposed to business insights right from the get-go and was personal budgeting from an early age.

Customer care is also something that comes naturally to me. I used to visit our business every day and loved being around the staff and customers all the time. While our business was an integral part of the Stapleford, Nottingham community before we relocated just outside the area, Nottingham is more than just my place of work; it’s where I grew up, and it continues to be my home today.

In addition to my accounting practice, I am also part of various groups and associations, including Medilink East Midlands, situated at the Dryden Enterprise Centre in Nottingham, and NNG (Nottingham Networking Group) in Calverton.

We also work closely with the D2N2, the NBV Enterprise Centre and Broxtowe Borough Council, where my Mum serves on the board.

Outside of Archimedia Accounts, I used to be Treasurer for the Greek Community of Nottingham and Derby, overseeing financial matters for the school and church. Today I act on various advisory boards for start-up Fintech companies, offering valuable insights into the accounting industry.

Why choose Archimedia Accountants?

We help our clients save tax and become financially free.

Barbara and Chris, the owners of Archimedia Accounts, have a large property portfolio and have achieved financial freedom through passive income. We conduct quarterly meetings with our clients to guide them towards similar financial independence, and save them tax.

We buy into your success. It is our priority to ensure that your assets and wealth are consistently increasing every year so you’re more financially comfortable. Our own assets achieve significant experience capital annual growth every year, and we want you to have the same. Generating greater wealth through capital gains than the annual income they yield.

Barbara and Chris have over 15 years of experience in establishing and expanding their own successful accountancy business, as well as working with 100s of clients to nurture their businesses. Our wealth of experience is utilised to help your business grow, thrive, increase in profitability and become less stressful to run.