How Archimedia transformed the online finances of a Professional Home Improvements business

About RY Installations

RY Installations is a relatively new company based in Leicestershire that initially came to us at the outset of its business journey. They specialise in joinery and fitting, mainly focussing on constructing extensions as well as designing and building kitchens and homes from the ground up.

Business Advisory and Consultancy Services

RY Installations's Problem

Online Bookkeeping and Business Systems

The owner has exceptional skill, as does his team. However, he was cautious about expanding the business due to his limited knowledge, especially when it came to tax and finance, which were huge unknowns for him. Although he met many accountants, he didn’t feel like they could mutually understand one another, nor did he get the feeling they cared enough to invest the time getting to know his situation or to maximise tax savings on his behalf.

As well as the tax savings, the company wanted an accountant who could assist them in transitioning to an online platform. They wanted up-to-date, real-time profit information for all their jobs whilst ensuring strict compliance.

As well as all this, the company wanted an accountancy partner that was going to help them with broader business guidance and advice. Having recently established, they were keen to receive support in areas such as marketing, sales processes, systems implementation, technology, team management and more.

Tax Savings and Real-time Profits Information

Archimedia's Solution for RY Installations

Right from the first meeting with Archimedia Accounts, the owner of RY Installations knew he had found the partner he was looking for. The entire meeting was focused on his business and its future. Instead of inundating him with complex accountancy information, we got to know his specific challenges and provided him with assistance in areas that truly mattered to him.

He understood that we cared about his business and ended up discussing effective tax-saving strategies, our track record of helping similar trades clients achieve growth, marketing tactics, sales strategies, team management, and the implementation of business systems and technology. Immediately he wanted to work with us.

Now we look after all their bookkeeping online and ensure they have the up-to-date financial information they need to grow their business. We have regular meetings about tax matters and have successfully saved the business £000s annually (more than covering our fee). Additionally, we are actively helping the owner expand his business and ultimately realise his dream of building a property portfolio himself (a goal shared by many trade businesses).


“I am so pleased to have Archimedia support my business, and with their expertise and advice, it is growing into a success. To anyone needing fantastic accounting, I would definitely recommend the whole team of Archimedia!”