How Archimedia helped a Therapy Rental Business understand forthcoming VAT changes

About Sage Therapy Centre

Sage Therapy Centre is a Therapy rental business based in Nottingham for Health and Wellbeing professionals. Their motto is “An Environment of Calm For You and Your Clients”. 

It’s an absolutely wonderful business that exudes customer service. The business was set up by the owner, who always had a dream of running her own company. This is the case with many of our clients.

Accountancy Services for Therapy Rental Business

Sage Therapy Centre's Problem

VAT Changes for a Therapy Rental Business

Like most of our new clients, the owner encountered challenges in communicating with her accountant. As the business grew, this got too much for her, and she went searching for a new accountant who could better serve her needs! While a friend of hers had recommended us to her, she preferred to do her own research, but low and behold, her independent research led her right back to us as her preferred choice!  The business was booming, and she needed help understanding how forthcoming VAT changes were going to impact its growth strategy. 

Their accountant had neglected to inform them how they could claim the employer’s NI holiday, which, in hindsight, seemed a big oversight! After a thorough look, we also uncovered a lot of tax savings that the company was missing out on, particularly regarding their recent and extensive renovation work.

Therapy Rental Business Accountancy Case Study

Archimedia's Solution for Sage Therapy Centre

First things first, we got to work on the VAT. The business owner needed to know how VAT was going to affect the business as it grew.

We also claimed previous years of employer NI holiday that they should have claimed. This alone amounted to £000s in tax back. After just a few months of working with this business, we achieved substantial tax savings, primarily through tax reclaims relating to renovation work that was done on the building. These savings were missed by the previous accountant.

We continue to work with this business today, and we love it! We conduct regular tax planning meetings with them (every 3 months) and continue to help them save tax, understand how to grow their business, boost profitability, and pave the way for potentially building a property portfolio in the future.


“Archimedia has superseded my expectations on what to expect from an accountant. They truly do go above and beyond, and what they have created is very unique. You feel valued, listened to and understood. They really take the time to get to know you and your business, no matter how big or small. I now feel reassured that my accounts and long-term goals are in the best hands. If you are looking for an accountant, I can’t recommend them highly enough, and you should definitely give them a call. Thanks again, Chris, Barbara and the rest of the team.”